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Politics in the NFL. Don’t want to admit mistake. Can’t do anything to fix it. Cheating. Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty…BS!


Touchdown on opening possession. RGIII 16/17 for 149 yards. Multiple players working together to push the Giants out of the end zone.


The Redskins are obviously not the GREATEST TEAM in the NFL, but we still love them and will always cheer no matter what especially when the referees mess up but DON’T FIX THEIR MISTAKES. I was at the game and the Redskins were playing very well. The referees were just idiots.


The Washington Redskins were told it was FIRST AND TEN, not THIRD AND ONE and Coach Kyle Shanahan called the play that was supposed to be done…for a first and ten.

Referee Jeff Triplette signaled third down but the head linesman — with Washington in a ‘hurry-up’ situation — incorrectly motioned for the chain crew to advance the chains, which caused the down boxes to read first down.

Following a Washington incomplete pass, the chains were moved back and the down boxes correctly reset to fourth down.

I understand that the Redskins did not have any time-outs left, but saying that is why you didn’t fix the mistake you made is complete bullshit. Triplette said “I feel like we signaled third down. The stakes just got moved incorrectly.”

Dear Triplette, I feel like you need to be fired. Maybe the Redskins would have won, maybe they still would have lost, but all that matters though is the fact the officials ruined the end of that game with the most embarrassing mistake ever. 


NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino said in a statement Monday,

 Referee Jeff Triplette and his crew erred on multiple fronts during the Washington Redskins’ final drive against the New York Giants on Sunday night.

The Redskins have absolutely no chance of making it to the NFC playoff contention and have a firm grip of placing last in the NFC East. The Redskins beat the Giants last season at Fed Ex Field 17-16. December 29, 2013 the Redskins will be playing the Giants again, and I hope 1. THERE ARE BETTER REFS WHO DO THEIR JOB CORRECTLY/ADMIT TO THEIR MISTAKES and 2. THAT THE REDSKINS WILL KICK THE NEW YORK GIANTS ASSES at that game.



Hail to the Redskins. Blandino and Triplette, I hope you know that your politics for the game were noted. Blandino needs to make this right, make up for the mistake of your idiotic, worthless refs who cheat at the game.

And for all of you Giants fans or any other NFL fans– I’m sorry if this article upsets you, but when a mistake is that BIG, something needs to be done.Redskins2


Chris Brown’s rap sheet continues to grow, and we’re not talking about his song writing.


March 2009- felony assault after an altercation with then-girlfriend Rihanna

March 2011- smashing a window and storming out shirtless of the Good Morning America studios


June 2012- Brown and rapper Drake are accused of prompting a bottle-smashing brawl

November 2012- goes back to court for a progress report on his 2009 domestic violence case and is cleared of a probation violation. In addition, he gets into an extremely vulgar, expletive-laden Twitter exchange with comedian Jenny Johnson

January 2013- gets into a fight with singer Frank Ocean in a parking lot at Hollywood’s Westlake Recording Studios

May 2013- charged with a hit-and-run, after allegedly crashing into a car, driving away and refusing to provide his name, driver’s license and insurance info

June 2013- 24-year-old woman accuses Brown of assaulting her after his show at a California nightclub

October 27, 2013- arrested and charged with felony assault after he and his bodyguard allegedly attacked a fan outside of the W Hotel in Washington, D.C


EIGHT ARRESTS, MELTDOWNS, AND FIGHTS SINCE 2009 FOR CHRIS BROWN. Although, SOMEHOW the singer keeps getting away with everything and does not even have to go to jail. Well, he’s spent a couple of nights there but doesn’t really have to suffer any consequences of his actions. Is this fair? Is this the payment you get for being ‘rich & famous’? It seems like Brown is becoming more famous for his aggressive behavior than his music these days.

On October 27, 2013, Brown was arrested and jailed for a felony assault. The altercation occurred outside the W Hotel, which is located on K and 15th street, near the White House, at around 4:25am. Washington police did not immediately release details of the other man involved, other than to say “he’s alive”. It was later confirmed that he had been released from hospital.

TMZ reports

The reason Brown’s charge was reduced is because the injuries to the victim were minor, even though the victim said Brown broke his nose.

Is that a real reason to reduce Brown’s charges? He has had MULTIPLE run-ins with the law and is still on PROBATION for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna. A broken nose may not be as severe as a broken rib or multiple injuries, but Brown WILL NEVER learn how to do the right thing if he keeps getting off. This is unfair and something should be done about this. Is it because he is famous? Is it because he has lots of money? Brown should NOT get away with all of these run-ins with the law considering there have been 8 of THEM IN THE PAST 4 YEARS. 

So, get this…

Gary lives in an area that is prone to wildfires. He collects rain and snow runoff in barrels on his property, mainly in case a wildfire breaks out by his house.

Well, get this. The state of Oregon says those barrels are illegal reservoirs, and that damn water is owned by the Medford Water Commission.


Yet, Chris Brown is running around free after multiple assaults, fights, hit-and-runs, and more violent behavior towards other people. He spent a night in jail…he spent two nights in jail…Brown should stay in jail for months after everything he has done.