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I found this video very interesting and wanted to hear some feedback on it. This video is about: ObamaCare, the girl on the website, cyber bullying, and an action figure. Personally, I think the end is pretty ridiculous with what they do to the doll. Let me know what you think!


….Not as fun as it sounds though.

Amendment 54-46: Just hours to go before a shutdown

The last government shut down was in November of 1995. When the government shut down in 1995, they still got paid afterwards. However, since there are a lot more people who work for the government, the employees who do not continue to work during the shut down, definitely won’t get paid. Postal service, military, and police officers will still work if the government gets shut down and will get paid in “IOUs.”

“You don’t get to extract a ransom for doing your job, for doing what you’re supposed to be doing anyway, where just because there’s a law there that you don’t like,” the president said.

They may think shutting down the government is a good idea…but it will still cost money to reopen it as well!




Obama and Clinton: The Unstoppable Team?


Obama went to Clinton and asked for his help with the rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and Clinton agreed to do it! Will this help with the Americans agreeing that the Affordable Care Act will be a true positive? Well, I guess we will see next week when the enrollment opens up for health insurance exchanges– which is the center of the ACA. Obama joined Clinton at the Clinton family foundation’s annual convention.

The conversation turned out to be a policy-heavy discussion about the financial reality of America’s health care system and what Mr. Obama’s health care law would attempt to do about it. Mr. Clinton — famous for being long winded — as technically the interviewer and Mr. Obama the subject. But both men took long turns with the microphone.

I guess we will just have to wait until October 1, 2013 to see what happens with the ACA, the government, and health insurance exchanges. To me: the government should not shut down, the ACA helps many people, and all of this is going to cause hell next week if this does not get figured out soon.


Affordable Care Act is a True Positive

Although there has been many debates about whether or not the Affordable Care Act will be helpful, I strongly believe it will and stand behind it 100%. Everyone should be provided with health-care, and there are many positive with what Obama is doing with the Affordable Care Act, yet some states do not see agree and will not enforce it in their law. A sincere apology, but they need to open their eyes to the fact that now: young adults stay covered under their parents insurance, insurance cannot deny someone due to a pre-existing condition, and you are able to select your choice of doctor!