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Unfortunately, the answer is NO. However, the start of the tax season, which was supposed to start on January 21, 2014 will now be DELAYED.

BenFrankIt’s my money and they need it now.

Due to the government shutdown that lasted 16 days, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will be delaying the start of tax season by one to two weeksAbout 90% of the IRS agency was not operational, which puts them behind on the work they were supposed to be doing on the processing systems before tax returns start flooding in.

“The government closure came during the peak period for preparing IRS systems for the 2014 filing season,” the agency said in a statement. “Programming, testing and deployment of more than 50 IRS systems is needed to handle processing of nearly 150 million tax returns.”


So, the IRS gets to push back the start date of tax season, yet they STILL REQUIRE US to have our taxes done by APRIL 15TH? A shorter filing season AND delayed refunds? Is this fair to us? Also, the IRS is urging people not to send in their paper filings early, since they won’t be processed any sooner. Thank you government shutdown and THANK YOU IRS for making everything your way. You would think the IRS would give people a bit of a break and an extra week or two, due to the fact that the shutdown wasn’t our fault! Tax



Republicans vs IRS: Lois Lerner

With new evidence coming into play, House Republicans brought back up the argument about the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting controversial groups for political reasons.

E-mails from the IRS were said to show that they were abusing their power to prevent conservative groups from establishing and carrying out their missions.

The photo shown is of Lois Lerner waiting to testify at a hearing. Currently, Lerner is on leave while Congress is investigating her part in these actions. Lerner was the first to figure out that the agency was targeting Tea Party groups by questions at a conference in May.