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Unfortunately, the answer is NO. However, the start of the tax season, which was supposed to start on January 21, 2014 will now be DELAYED.

BenFrankIt’s my money and they need it now.

Due to the government shutdown that lasted 16 days, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will be delaying the start of tax season by one to two weeksAbout 90% of the IRS agency was not operational, which puts them behind on the work they were supposed to be doing on the processing systems before tax returns start flooding in.

“The government closure came during the peak period for preparing IRS systems for the 2014 filing season,” the agency said in a statement. “Programming, testing and deployment of more than 50 IRS systems is needed to handle processing of nearly 150 million tax returns.”


So, the IRS gets to push back the start date of tax season, yet they STILL REQUIRE US to have our taxes done by APRIL 15TH? A shorter filing season AND delayed refunds? Is this fair to us? Also, the IRS is urging people not to send in their paper filings early, since they won’t be processed any sooner. Thank you government shutdown and THANK YOU IRS for making everything your way. You would think the IRS would give people a bit of a break and an extra week or two, due to the fact that the shutdown wasn’t our fault! Tax



We all know that the government got shut down today and that over 800,000 employees are not working now. The shutdown and employees not working could cost the economy $1 billion, A WEEK.


During the shutdown there is no visiting national museums, no watching the panda cam from the National Zoo, and no camping in national parks. What is the upside to this? D.C. businesses are OFFERING FREEBIES to government employees who show their government identification!

If a federal shutdown happens, @DCReynoldsBar will offer BUY 1 GET 1 FREE DRINKS for EVERYONE from 11am-9pm every day of shutdown @WTOP

That is right-present your Gov’t ID at our opening on Thursday for 3 free empanadas with any purchase. #havanaheat.

In case of a government shutdown, NMWA will be open as usual, but offering free admission to federal employees—bring your IDs!


According to a CNN/ORC poll, 68% of Americans think shutting down the government for even a few days is a bad idea, while 27% think it’s a good idea.

And it appears most Americans would blame congressional Republicans for a shutdown: Sixty-nine percent said they agreed with the statement that the party’s elected officials were acting like “spoiled children.”

Now…for us, it’s just a waiting game. But, HEY, FURLOUGHED WORKERS, GO OUT AND ENJOY THOSE FREEBIES.

….Not as fun as it sounds though.

Amendment 54-46: Just hours to go before a shutdown

The last government shut down was in November of 1995. When the government shut down in 1995, they still got paid afterwards. However, since there are a lot more people who work for the government, the employees who do not continue to work during the shut down, definitely won’t get paid. Postal service, military, and police officers will still work if the government gets shut down and will get paid in “IOUs.”

“You don’t get to extract a ransom for doing your job, for doing what you’re supposed to be doing anyway, where just because there’s a law there that you don’t like,” the president said.

They may think shutting down the government is a good idea…but it will still cost money to reopen it as well!




Here are ten ways a government shutdown will affect your daily life. If Congress cannot stop fighting and come to an agreement by October 1, 2013, which is the beginning of the new fiscal year then the government will shutdown. I’m sure there are many people out there saying: “Who cares? This doesn’t affect me” or “My parents nor I work for the government, so I’ll be okay.” However, everyone will be affected!

Here are a few things that will happen if the government shuts down:

  • Military men and women WILL NOT get paid; they’ll get IOUs
  • No gun permits would be processed
  • National parks and museums would be closed

Just Reach an Agreement

Congress has TWO WEEKS to make an agreement about funding for the Affordable Care Act. If an agreement is not made then the government will shutdown. This includes federal agencies from the Pentagon to the FBI. Obama refuses to negotiate over the debt limit, and says that it is the Congress’ job to make sure the Treasury can pay the bills from future congresses. To me, the Affordable Care Act is a HUGE positive and will help many people!