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Police from St. Petersburg, Florida arrested a 15 year-old girl who they say has sent several hundred of threatening texts to three other 15 year-old girls. The girl, who is to remain unnamed was friends with the three other girls until they had a falling out.

CyberThe girl is now being charged with three counts of aggravated stalking and one count of tampering with a witnessThe suspect admitted to sending some of the texts, but not all of them. Many of these texts were allegedly death threats– one saying “if this isn’t bullying then I don’t know what is.”

TextCyberOn Monday, when the girl was interviewed by the police, they told her to stay away from the victims. The suspect continued to send threatening texts which resulted in tampering with a witness.

When will bullying stop? Today? Tomorrow? Next month? NEVER!? How many children will die due to being bullied by their classmates or old friends? 

Bullying3About a month ago two teens in Florida were arrested for cyber bullying which caused a girl to jump off the top of an abandoned concrete plant. These two girls were charged with felony aggravated stalking.

  • Over half of adolescents and teens have been bullied onlineabout the same number have engaged in cyber bullying
  • More than 1 in 3 young people have experienced cyber threats online
  • Over 25% of adolescents and teens have been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones or the internet
  • Over half of young people do not tell their parents when cyber bullying occurs.
  • Bully victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims
  • Nearly 30% of students are either bullies or victims of bullying, and 160,000 kids stay home from school every day because of fear of bullying

BullyingWe’ve seen bullying in the school systems, work place, at home, in the NFL, and many more places, but why can’t anyone do anything to stop it? There needs to be more done about bullying and cyber bullying. It’s not easy to speak up about being bullied, but there needs to be more severe punishments for those who bully during school or anywhere else. When I was in middle school/high school, there was just “a slap on the wrist” if you were to bully someone. That is not going to do anything. STAND UP and DO SOMETHING. Don’t just sit there and watch someone get bullied. Too many innocent lives are taken due to bullying and it needs to stop. Stop bullying, save a life.



MdolphinsRichie Incognito, a guard for the Miami Dolphins is currently indefinitely suspended for conduct detrimental to the team.

Jonathan Martin, offensive tackle for the Dolphins has been allegedly bullied by his teammate, Incognito. Martin checked himself into a South Florida hospital to be treated for emotional distress. This emotional distress caused Martin to leave the team on October 28, 2013.  Martin’s attorney, David Cornwell, said in a statement issued late Thursday night that Incognito and other teammates bullied Martin to the point that he felt like he had no choice but to leave the team.

The final incident that occurred to cause Martin to leave the team was in the team’s cafeteria when he sat down to eat. After sitting down the other players he joined got up and walked away and he was left to sit alone. I don’t know about you, but this does not seem like something you do to a teammate. There were also texts from Incognito using racial slurs in threatening texts to Martin.

IncognitoIncognito was told by coaching staff to “toughen up” Martin. The general manager, Jeff Ireland, told Martin’s agent that the player should “punch” Incognito to make the alleged bullying stop. HOW WOULD THIS HELP ANYTHING? “Violence is NEVER the answer,” yet the general manager said Martin should respond back with VIOLENCE. How would this help Martin? Isn’t it possible that Incognito [or other teammates] would bully Martin even more and harder? Also, if the general manager knew the tiniest bit about the possible bullying of Martin, WHY DIDN’T HE DO ANYTHING? WHY DIDN’T HE TRY TO STOP IT OR TALK WITH THE OTHER PLAYERS? This could have saved the Dolphins a lot of trouble.

HeadCoachIncognito is denying the bullying of Martin and said the threatening texts and racial slurs were just him playing around and that is their “brotherhood.” I don’t know about your friends, family, teammates, or whoever else you hang out with or see, but TO ME THESE DO NOT SEEM very brotherhood-like.

Even Incognito’s ex-teammate from the St. Louis Rams called him a ‘scumbag.’ Cam Cleeland, the ex-teammate of Incognito said he dealt with hazing on a very personal level when he came into the league. Cleeland said,

I’m not afraid to say that he was an immature, unrealistic scumbag. When it came down to it, he had no personality, he was a locker room cancer, and he just wanted to fight everybody all the time. It was bizarre beyond belief.

It is said to believe that the 30 year-old guard will reportedly consider filing a grievance against the team.

DolphinsAs a college student, I hear a lot about bullying, hazing, emotional distress, and harassment. All of these things which are frowned upon no matter what you are a part of. To see that this is happening in the NFL is beyond ridiculous and I thought that an NFL team would be supportive of all their players, just like a family should be.


Bullying causes a gay teen to commit suicide; Careless driving causes a father to get hit and killed when walking to raise awareness about his son.


A 15-YEAR-OLD BOY committed SUICIDE after being BULLIED at school for being GAY. Jadin Bell died in February after hanging himself in the school yard. There was no suicide note, however, Jadin’s father, Joe Bell, said

Jadin was bullied relentlessly for being gay, both in school and online.

Joe Bell wanted to start educating the country about the lasting effects of bullying and started his mission called “Joe’s Walk for Change.” The walk started in late April in La Grande, Oregon and Bell was planning on making a U-shape from La Grande all the way down to Dallas, Texas, and all the way back up to Delaware or New York.

On Wednesday, Bell was planning on being picked up at 6pm wherever he was, to go talk to Hugo United Methodist Church, in Colorado. Unfortunately, on Bell’s walking journey he was killed by a semi-truck. The truck driver was charged with reckless driving and the police assume he may have fallen asleep behind the wheel.

This tragedy truly raises the awareness and hopefully will open YOUR eyes to what effects bullying really has on someone. Gay and lesbian teens are two to three times more likely to commit teen suicide than other youths. About 30% of all COMPLETED suicides have been related to sexual identity crisis. 9 OUT OF 10 LGBT TEENS HAVE REPORTED BEING BULLIED AT SCHOOL WITHIN THE PAST YEAR BECAUSE OF THEIR SEXUAL ORIENTATION.


People are mean, however, schools and states need to start being more strict about bullying. CHILDREN, TEENS, and ADULTS are KILLING THEMSELVES because other people are BULLYING them. Jokes about race, gender, sexual orientation, hair, what clothes you wear, RIDICULOUS things that shouldn’t even matter to someone else. It’s not their business. There is no federal law that specifically applies to bullying. In some cases, when bullying is based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or religion, bullying overlaps with harassment and schools are legally obligated to address it.