Justice for Kendrick; Are Investigators Covering Up a Murder?

Posted: October 12, 2013 in Taking Advantage of Power, The World is Confusing
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“These parents sent their son to school with a bookbag, and he was returned to them in a body bag.”


On January 11, Kendrick Johnson, a 17-year-old, was found dead in a rolled up gymnasium mat at Lowndes High School in South Georgia. Johnson was found upside down in the gym mat and his death was ruled an accident by “falling head first into an upright mat reaching for his shoe.” Trapped. Upside down. Suffocation. TRAGIC ACCIDENT, CASE CLOSED, NO FURTHER INVESTIGATION. Something just does not add up.

matThis is Kendrick Johnson in the rolled up mat at his high school. The center of the mat was 14 inches wide and Johnson’s shoulders are 19 inches wide. How does this make sense? How can someone accidentally slip their 19 inch wide shoulders into the 14 inch center of a mat!?

oldbloodstainBlood on the wall near where Johnson’s body was found in the mat, yet investigators said the blood was not his. However, why wasn’t it tested against other people’s DNA? If it wasn’t from the scene why hasn’t someone cleaned it up before? Would the school or a janitor really leave blood on the wall?

shoenotcollectedA second shoe that was found in the gymnasium that Johnson died in, was not collected as evidence. This is not Johnson’s shoe. Also, as you can see, there is a stain on the shoe, however, it was said that it was not blood, so it was not collected. They should have collected that shoe. Why was there a second shoe in the gym? Why was there blood on the wall? Why was the blood on the wall not tested when another shoe, that WAS NOT Kendrick’s, was found. 

So many questions and the school is withholding the footage from the FOUR VIDEO CAMERAS they have in the gym because “under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, anything that contains ‘personally identifiable information‘ concerning a student is considered a student record, including images and videos of students. Student records are protected under the act and are prohibited from being disclosed unless ordered by a court.” HOWEVER, these videos would prove whether Johnson was alone or if there was someone else around.

Johnson’s face was bloated with pooled blood, and some of the blood poured out of his body and drenched his dreadlocks and spilled onto the floor. Johnson’s jaw was also bruised, but nothing was done about that.

If all of this isn’t disturbing enough, the family had Kendrick Johnson’s body exhumed in May for a second autopsyWhat did the second autopsy find?

Dr. Anderson’s autopsy resulted in some very peculiar findings.  First of all, based on his experience in the field, he concluded that hemorrhaging on the right side of Kendrick’s neck was caused by blunt force trauma near his carotid artery and that the fatal blow appeared to be “non-accidental”. In other words, someone hit Kendrick on the right side of his neck with substantial blunt force which killed him.

FATAL BLOW. BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA. How did investigators or the coroner miss this the first time? Side note, the body of Kendrick Johnson was not taken to the coroner’s office for many, many hours.

Something more disturbing

When Dr. Anderson opened up the teen’s remains to, shall we say, take a second look, the brain, heart, lungs, liver and other viscera were missing.Every organ from the pelvis to the skull was gone. Instead of the organs, Dr, Anderson found old newspapers and department store circulars.

Johnson’s family and legal team believe the differences between the first and second autopsies point to a mishandling of the case. Crump claimed that investigators with the Sheriff’s Office and the GBI failed to collect and examine evidence from the scene of Johnson’s death that could have contained trace evidence, including DNA.

“We think it is, at best, total incompetence and, at worst, an attempt to bury the truth,” said Crump

When GBI spokeswoman Sherry Lang spoke with CNN, she told a “whopper”. She stated that after the autopsy,

“The organs were placed in Johnson’s body, the body was closed, then the body was released to the funeral home.

In a letter to the Johnson’s’ attorney, the funeral company’s owner Antonio Harrington said his firm never received the teen’s organs. In what could be another “whopper”, Harrington wrote that the organs:

“(W)ere destroyed through natural process” due to the position of Kendrick Johnson’s body when he died, and “discarded by the prosector before the body was sent back to Valdosta.” The prosector is the technician who dissects the body for pathological examination.

This family needs justice. All of this new evidence is pointing in the direction of a murder and someone is trying to cover up the truth. THE TRUTH. THIS IS THE SHERIFF’S JOB. THE SCHOOL IS SUPPOSED TO PROTECT THEIR STUDENTS. Why don’t they want the justice for Kendrick Johnson? The most bullshit comment anyone could make

“I’m terribly sorry for the family,” Watson said. “But I don’t think raising all this Cain down here is going to bring closure to them.”

If it was not going to bring “closure” to the family then they wouldn’t be doing this. They have EVERY RIGHT to know what happened to their son! If someone murdered their son, I am sure it would bring CLOSURE TO THE FAMILY knowing that whoever did it would get punished, they would be in JAIL; JUSTICE WOULD BE SERVED. Help Kendrick and his family get justice. Don’t let Georgia hide evidence. Don’t let them hide a murder case. This was NO ACCIDENT.


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