Male v. Female Artists: It’s FRIDAY!

Posted: September 27, 2013 in The World is Confusing
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**Don’t worry: this blog post is not all about Rebecca Black OR Miley Cyrus, it is just to prove a point. Also, I know I wrote a lot but I do believe I made some good points in my argument here(so it’s worth the read.) Enjoy!

The Last Fight about Miley: The Wannabe Britney Spears

Played down rehearsal, Over the top performance

Today, is obviously Friday and everyone knows that. However, I was thinking on my way to class today that “it’s Friday, Friday…”, which is a verse in the song Friday by Rebecca Black. It’s not a song that I would listen to over and over, but Rebecca Black was a 13-year-old girl pursuing her dream, and that is admirable. It is also one of those songs that you start to sing, and you cannot get it out of your head. Although, I’m glad she got to make a music video. It is entertaining, conservative, appropriate, but according to some children, teens, and adults, “Rebecca Black shouldn’t even be on YouTube” or “Rebecca Black should go kill herself.”

To me, this is a harsh coming from a 10-year-old, a 25-year-old, or even a 45-year-old. Coming from ANY AGE it is harsh and over the top. What a lot of people don’t know is that the record company, Ark Music Factory, “is an online platform for discovering new talent and new taste makers!” There are posts like: “My names [******** ********], 16 just a normal girl trying to make her dream come true please help me!” How is that wrong? Ark Music, makes their dreams come true. Alright, maybe some people aren’t the “best” singers, but who are we to criticize them? You, who is reading this: CAN YOU SING? I know I can’t criticize someone for being a horrible singer when I sure as HELL CANNOT SING. I like to sing, but it’s not one of my passions and it’s not one of my dreams to become a singer hence why I do not go out and make a music video. But, it is Rebecca Black’s dream to be a singer, so I don’t see why many people have to criticize that little girl about being a “horrible singer.” There’s a YouTube video that shows some children loving Rebecca Black’s song, Friday. Rebecca Black, was teased so much, that she had to leave school and become home-schooled by her mother.

Talking about Rebecca Black, and all the criticizing she got for her song, made me think of a blogger who wrote “All of this talk about Miley is sickening.” In NO way, shape, or form do I consider myself a “feminist.” If someone wants to call me a bitch, say I’m sexy, comment about my body, “degrade me,” make women jokes, GO AHEAD. I don’t care. I care about being a woman, but I know who I am, I know what I am and am not, and they can talk shit as much as they want, but it won’t upset me.

During the conversation between this blogger and I, it got a little heated because of Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, and the outcome of the VMAs. If you don’t know what happened at the VMAs (which is unlikely because everyone couldn’t stop talking about it), here is the video from that night.

I said the way Miley acted was inappropriate and she shouldn’t have danced like that, and the blogger said “I think the idea Miley should sensor herself really isn’t anyone’s business.” When I commented about young children being able to see it (because I know I broke the rules and stayed up late to watch TV when I was younger), the blogger stated “that people shouldn’t be so upset with the performance because it was on cable and it wasn’t on during prime time– it was on around 10, when most young people would be asleep.” GREAT, it wasn’t on during prime time, however, young children or teenagers can still watch it AND it’s on YouTube.

Wearing nude color clothing and dancing on a married man (his wife wasn’t upset, but Robin Thicke didn’t know that Miley was going to do all what she did in the performance), how is that not seen as inappropriate? If a man dressed in nude clothing and danced on a woman, ALL HELL would break loose: and it definitely wouldn’t be treated the same as Miley dancing like that. “We were trying to make history” doesn’t necessarily make this all better. Yes, women like to critique one another, and just because I am a woman doesn’t mean I am being harsh on Miley. I’m just saying that her outfit and dancing TO ME was not appropriate. That’s great if you found it appropriate, but I didn’t and I felt (as a woman, babysitter, nanny, aunt, friend, and role model) that the former Disney star, shouldn’t have done that- especially touching near Robin Thicke’s penis with a foam finger. I am not offended by it, if Miley danced that way at a club I could care less, I just found it weird and awkward she did that on the VMAs after being a Disney star– and if any female or male did it I would feel just as awkward: the main thing that got to me from the performance was bending over and sticking out her tongue and touching herself with a foam finger; and HONESTLY, all I wanted to do was comment on a post so I could get credit for class. However, I clearly got a little more than I planned or even wanted. I’m also stubborn and probably will keep arguing until the other person gives in. Women and men can be sexual verbally, I don’t care, they can be as sexual as they want with one another(unless they’re naked or doing something that is meant for the bedroom because I don’t want to watch porn), but WHY in the HELL would I want to watch anyone touch themselves with a FOAM FINGER ON TV!?

In the blogger’s post about Miley she states “The last thing is that everyone blamed Miley for her provocative acts but I haven’t heard one thing wrong with Robin Thicke’s song Blurred Lines, a song that promotes rape cultureMen can be sexual and degrading but women have to cross their legs and look pretty.” Okay, my problem with this is, are you saying you don’t listen to the song Blurred Lines? Are you saying you don’t listen to music that degrades women? Are you saying you don’t listen to music that degrades men? I get it, the song degrades women, but it is just a song and they are just lyrics. I’m sure it wasn’t intended for people to take them seriously.

In one blog I found, this woman specifically writes about feminism and the song Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. She states “In fact, I find these songs more amusing than anything else. The points of incoherence to which our sexuality and femininity can drive musicians and artists is simply astounding, and the songs which portray men as completely stupefied by the booty shaking in front of them, seem to reflect more poorly on the men for whom they speak than anything else.” Her title is even: I am a Woman and I am Empowered by Degrading Music. Yeah, I know all women don’t feel this way, especially about Blurred Lines, but GET OVER IT. Do you know how many women degrade men in their songs? Do you know how many songs are degrading men in a SEXUAL content, sung by women? More than you probably think. Lets see: Blah Blah Blah by KeshaYou Make Me Sick by Pink, Menocide by OTEP, Amy by Sunny Sweeney, Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under by Shania Twain, Stay by Sugarland, Jolene by Dolly Parton, Blame It On Your Heart by Patty Loveless, If I Were a Boy by Beyonce, Picture to Burn, You’re Not Sorry, Mean, Stupid Boy, Better Than Revenge, Cold as You, A Perfectly Good Heart all by Taylor Swift.

….Yeah. “Men can be sexual and degrading, but women have to cross their legs and look pretty.” Those songs show right there that women don’t have to cross their legs and look pretty and that they don’t get criticized about it. Taylor Swift, yes, I’ve heard a lot of criticism towards her. Shania Twain, Pink, Beyonce–everyone loves them! Most of these songs, or a lot of songs that degrade men, are basically saying men are all cheaters or abusers. Or don’t trust a man because he’ll break your heart. SHIT, I know many woman who have broken a man’s heart. Also, I never once heard someone say “SHE IS DEGRADING MEN IN HER SONG!” No one ever thinks about it. I think that people should lay off artists and let them sing about whatever they want to. I love music and I don’t care if it degrades men OR women, I’ll still listen to it.

I am NOT saying that it is wrong for women to write about men in a sexual or degrading content. I am NOT saying that it is wrong for men to write about women in a sexual or degrading content. I am just saying that people shouldn’t be upset because no one is criticizing Thicke for his performance or lyrics. Dancing in nude, latex bra and underwear on TV is a little different from writing or singing a song about “ladies, back that ass up” or “boy, come on, give me rock stuff/ come put a little love in my glove bag.”

GOODBYE talk about Miley, GOODBYE to Who Runs the World..Girls! Oh Wait.. blogger, and GOODBYE posts about men degrading women and women degrading men.

After this post, I never want to talk about Miley, Robin Thicke, the VMAs or degrading certain genders on here EVER again.


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