Assistant Drill Sergeant Rapes Cadet

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Taking Advantage of Power
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Veteran: Rape and the Sexual Trauma

Jack Williams, an Air Force Veteran, who is 66 years old, tried committing suicide back in 1966 due to his assistant drill sergeant raping him THREE times while he was at Lackland Air Force Base. Williams was only 18 years old when he was in the Air Force.

It is 3:00 in the morning, the drill sergeant comes in and orders William’s to the office on the second floor. William’s went to the office like he was ordered to and stood there facing forward. The drill sergeant starts to choke William’s and then throws him on the ground. This is when the sergeant starts to rape William’s. What was Williams’ to do other than clean himself up and go back to bed? This happened two more times, and the beatings from the sergeant got worse.

The third time that William’s was raped, he walked into the shower, tied his sheets together, and attempted suicide by trying to hang himself. Security guards found him unconscious. William’s was hospitalized and it was found that only one of his kidneys were functioning; he was told he may not make it. December of that same year,William’s was honorably discharged from the Air Force for medical reasons.


EVERY DAY, 22 VETERANS TAKE THEIR OWN LIVES. It seems that people think sexual harassment and  suicide attempts are often more popular in women.

However, In May, the Pentagon released results of an anonymous survey on sexual assault: Twenty-six thousand service members reported that they had been sexually assault or harassed in 2012, up from 19,000 the previous year.

There are 26,000 service members reporting that they have been sexually assaulted! Why is this not bigger in the news? How is this continuing to happen?

It’s men like him who make up most of the military’s sexual assault cases, even though they are less likely to report their assaults. The Pentagon survey found 13,900 male victims. But 76% do not file complaints.


People just assume that “rape doesn’t happen to men.” It was 1966 and men were getting raped! It’s 2013 now, how many men do you think are getting raped now? It doesn’t matter if you are a female or male, both genders are getting raped. This needs to be solved. It is horrible for what the Air Force did to Jack William’s back then and they need to pay for it now! It is bullshit. I understand that drill sergeants are important, and I understand that these people are putting their lives on the line for us, however, they need to grow up and not treat their cadets like this! No one should have to live through being raped.


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