Secret Security Clearance; Access to Navy Yard

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Taking Advantage of Power
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A Poor Background Check Leads to the Navy Base Shooting


Firetrucks surround the Washington Navy Yard after a gunman launched an attacked inside the Navy Yard.

If only the police officers did their job…Back in 2004, Aaron Alexis was ARRESTED for SHOOTING out the tires of a car! This obviously didn’t send up any red flags because Alexis was still admitted into the Navy and GIVEN CLEARANCE. How can such a thing happen?

12 people are now dead from the Navy Yard shooting that happened Monday, September 16.  You would think Alexis mysteriously got into the Navy Yard and shot all of those people; well you’re half right. However, Alexis gained access to the Navy Yard LEGALLY, all because some police officers did not do their job CORRECTLY. Is this really what our world is coming to?

Alexis was a contractor who had Secret Security Clearance and was able to gain access to the Navy Yard that way. Why did he have clearance? Alexis reported hearing voices to police officers on August 7, in a hotel room in Newport, Rhode Island.

Unknown people are trying to prevent me from sleeping and they’re sending “vibrations” through my body.

The Newport police did their job and reported it to the Navy security, however, the security base did not think Alexis was a “threat to himself or others based on his alleged conduct at the hotel that night.”

SINCE WHEN DOES SOMEONE SAYING “UNKNOWN PEOPLE ARE SENDING VIBRATIONS THROUGH MY BODY” NOT A CONCERN FOR THAT PERSON OR OTHERS!? If they knew anything about mental health, that is the one thing to look out for. Hearing or seeing things that ARE NOT THERE.


This is an outrage. Just because the Navy security in R.I did not see this as a “threat” to anyone, 12 people are dead. What is this world coming to? People need to step up and do their job. Whether it is the tiniest thing that is said, if something is hinted, IT SHOULD BE REPORTED. These are people’s lives at stake, and these police officers just want to throw away one of the biggest SIGNS OF A MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE. Please! Someone help these people. They do not deserve their job anymore.


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