Our Firefighters, Who Cares About Them?

Posted: September 15, 2013 in Taking Advantage of Power

Lets Not Thank Our Firefighters for Everything They Do….


I am not one to eat at Hooter’s, however, I do respect people who put their lives on the line for us. These firefighters were out at a training seminar and had a nice lunch at Hooter’s. The city did not give them a list of where they could or could not eat and they also did not give them a price limit of how much they could spend. When these firefighters went to get reimbursed for their meal, like they’re supposed to, the city refuses to do so because they ate at Hooter’s. I’m sorry but this is completely unfair to these firefighters! THOSE FIREFIGHTERS are the ones who go out into burning buildings to save people’s lives, and you can’t give them a reimbursement for lunch just because the public safety commissioner was “offended.” Burnett, please tell me how you were offended. Maybe next time you should tell them where they can and cannot eat if they want to get reimbursed. You should be praising these men and women who are willing to do a job like they do. How about you put on a firefighters suit and run around trying to put out a fire. Have you ever thought of how much it takes to run around in that suit? It’s heavy and extremely hard to move in, so I think they deserve their meal from Hooter’s no matter how much it cost.


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