DoD and VA treatment for PTSD and brain injury inadequate, Legion says


When our soldiers come home from war or any type of military training/deployment, they should be given the utmost respect and health care. Well, so far one of this is happening. Most people, if not all, respect the ones who are serving our country and doing what many of us would probably never do. We have men and women putting their lives on the line for us, and the DoD and VA are just offering the bare minimum of health care for the ones who are suffering Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

“William Detweiler, the past national commander of the Legion who chaired the committee, said the departments have relied on traditional medical treatments for TBI and PTSD cases.

‘They have not done a lot of research on alternative methods,’ he said in the statement. ‘There’s no simple answer to what works as far as PTSD or TBI is concerned, but we found that the (DoD and VA) medical profession shied away from certain things which they considered to be alternative medicine.'”

Why are they doing this? Why are they not expanding their research to help these people who have helped and saved us? Is money the issue? Then Congress and whoever else needs to step up and INCREASE THE BUDGET. Are they just too lazy to do more research? Maybe. However, as a citizen of the United States, I agree with the Legion in the fact that the Congress needs to oversee and fund the DoD and VA so more research can be down. It is people like this who let our country down. It is people like this who are the ones that are truly hurting America. Maybe that is pushing it a little too far, who knows; but all I want is for those suffering from PTSD and TBI to be helped and have some relief that everything will be okay. That when they put their lives on the line for us, we will do anything and everything to help get their lives back to “normal” or just comfort and care for them the way we should. This bullshit about not enough money needs to stop. No matter who it is or what happened, ALL PTSD and TBI should be treated correctly and the consideration for alternative medication should be at the top of everyone’s list who is working for this.



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