Do Alcohol & Guns Go Well Together?

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Politics Gone Right
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Goodbye Booze and Bullets

Concealed Carry Assault Weapons

Chicago is enforcing a new law that will ban guns anywhere that alcohol is served. Is this a good idea? Well, to some people the answer would be yes. However, to the National Rifle Association (NRA) the answer is no.

Guns are for hunting and defending ones self when being attacked in their own home. They’re for war and other types of defense. However, being at a bar does not mean you need a gun. Too many people, children and adults, have been getting their hands on guns and misusing them. Gun laws should be more strict and people should want that. If someone is breaking into your house, then yes you have the right to defend. If you are at war, then it is obvious guns are there. If you are at a bar or just randomly walking down the road, you should not have the right to have a gun. From school shootings starting in 1764 in Pennsylvania, to the Columbine shooting, to the Virginia Tech shooting, to the Sandy Hook shooting,  and to the Colorado movie theatre shooting; would this have happened if gun laws were more strict? Would this have happened if there were more things to be done to let people buy guns?


Yes, people have a way of stealing guns, taking them from others who have them for their own self defense, but if we start somewhere small then maybe things like the shootings listed previously will never happen again. A family won’t have to hear about their loved ones being shot at. Families won’t have to hear about there loved ones being killed in a shooting. People are immature and irresponsible. The NRA can complain all they want about the gun laws and rights, about the second amendment, but I will never agree with them.


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